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The metaphysical world is a realm hard to imagine for many people but, never-the-less, it DOES exist.  Below are some important areas of concern that need to be addressed and resolved if they are found on ourselves or in our homes as they exude highly negative frequencies which will adversely affect our lives and overall health.



​Malevolent spirits, as their name implies, are ethereal beings of pure malice who can take on many forms, shapes and sizes and are usually found where dark magic has been created.  They are drawn to vulnerable individuals who are either highly sensitive or in a weakened state of mind and body. 

They serve no purpose other than to cause chaotic confusion, depression, irritability or aggressiveness in the individuals.

Although spirits do not directly possess us, they can still strongly influence our perceptions and behaviors towards ourselves and others by silently and subtly placing bewitchments upon us of their own making. These bewitchments, which are a form of dark magic, need to be imperatively removed as well.

Ghosts and entities are lost distraught souls who, unfortunately, have not been able to pass on after death and are still waiting for their moment to cross over. This can take a very long time for a variety of reasons depending on who they were in their former life, what they have done during their lifetime and why they feel they cannot leave. Their removal is imperative, though, as they emit negative energetic frequencies in the house as well as attach onto people, subtly draining their vitality.  This can cause people to feel both physical and mental distress such as fatigue, weakness, irritability, anger, pessimism, confusion or depression until the ghosts or entities are found and removed from the person or from the home. 
his is accomplished by helping the entity to finally cross over. ​ A lot of people are currently dealing with a ghost problem in their home and are not even aware of it.  I have yet to encounter a home that is not being unknowingly shared with one or more of these unseen guests. ​



Astral parasites are invisible, ethereal beings that attach themselves onto all living things (humans, animals and even plants) slowly draining their energy and vitality.  The unfortunate host will gradually exhibit signs of weakness and in humans there will be symptoms of mental saturation, emotional turmoil and instability besides physical ailments or illnesses starting to develop as their health continues to weaken.  Astral parasites appear in all manner of shapes and sizes with varying forms and attributes.  They imperatively need to be removed. 

Dark magic in the form of curses and spells may seem like something only out of a fairy tale, but unfortunately, they do exist and bring extremely negative frequencies into the living environment.  Curses and spells that have been put on a house and its inhabitants by ill-willed people are a very real danger and more common than you think, which many people fall victim to. People living in a home that is affected by such harmful negative energy can suffer from all kinds of physical health consequences besides mental and behavioral issues until the curses and spells have been removed.


Astral portals are "doorways" through which dark forces circulate freely between their realm and our own. Such "doorways" are found in virtually every home merely because their creation by natural or man-made means is inevitable.  Certain negative magnetic grids or Ley Lines in the Earth that cross through bathroom mirrors and other reflective surfaces around the house can create portals.  Negative magnetic energy emitted from many modern electromagnetic appliances can also create portals, as well.  These open astral portals need to be closed immediately as they will always allow dark paranormal forces into your home if left unattended.



Former negative memories of events that took place within a house or on the land a house was built on such as deaths (fatal accidents, suicides, murders, war battles, etc.), chronic illnesses, divorces, abuse and the like become ingrained within the very fabric and cells of the walls, floors and ceilings of a home or on the land itself (if they occurred prior to the house being built).  Because of this, there always remains a trace or memory of every event in any given place even centuries after they have transpired.  These memories can subtly influence the life and well-being of the new inhabitants over the years.  An example would be the lingering negative energies from a previous divorce in a house can subtly affect the relationship of a new couple living there.  Therefore, it is imperative that these negative energetic memories of former occupants and events be removed in order to give the inhabitants an unencumbered and energetically clear atmosphere in the house to live in.

Just remember that...
just because we cannot see or hear something,

does not mean that it doesn't exist or is any less real.
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