Harmful Geopathic Elements Within The Earth 
That Can Affect Us Everyday In Our Homes

Geopathic Stress is the name given to the devastating effects of radiation from distorted electromagnetic energy fields that emanate from the Earth which are harmful to all living organisms.

The biggest concern of geopathic stress stems from the Earth's magnetic grids. Our Earth is very much alive and generates a powerful magnetic field in the form of numerous grids that cover the planet. These magnetic grids contain both positive energizing lines as well as harmful negative ones that form millions of walls of radiation varying in degrees of intensity and size. These grid lines run vertically and horizontally across the globe from North to South and East to West, as well as diagonally at a 45 ° angle.


Our ancestors were more attuned to the Earth's positive and negative emanations than we are today.  Before constructing their churches and homes, a dowser would locate which areas of land were energetically positive, thus avoiding all areas that emitted toxic negative energy that would be harmful to themselves or to their animals.  But, over time this valuable ancient knowledge and practice have been lost.  As a result, many of the houses in communities today built by property development companies are being constructed, presumably unknowingly, over land that encompasses geopathogenic zones that transmit harmful negative energetic frequencies to the occupants within. 


Builders do not seem to take into consideration the harmful effect that geopathic stress from the land can have on our health.  These negative magnetic energetic frequencies from the Earth are often the root cause of many illnesses and health conditions and over time they can trigger abnormal cell activity to occur in a specific body part or area that has been directly exposed.  Consequently, many people will suffer from various health issues without ever knowing the reason why and over time after prolonged exposure, they will end up becoming chronically sick.  

As the Earth's magnetic grids run all over the globe crossing through almost every home, it is highly likely that your home is affected.  Therefore, the questions you need to be asking yourself right now are:  where are they crossing within my home, and how many of them are directly causing me and my family undue harm during our sleep if they are found crossing through our beds?


If our brains, lungs, digestive system or sexual organs are in the direct pathway of a negative magnetic grid while sleeping, it can lead over time to insomnia, migraines, respiratory problems, tumors, infertility and many other serious health conditions.

Once again, let me reiterate this as I cannot stress it enough.  If you are living in a home where negative magnetic grids are passing through your areas of sleep, it can only result in eventual chronic health problems for those lying there who are being constantly exposed and bombarded by negative magnetic energetic frequencies while asleep.  Over time, this toxic negative energy can trigger abnormal cell activity to occur within that body part or area. 
Magnetic grids are just some of the Earth's natural energetic forces that can have a serious impact on our health depending on where they are found in our home.  Other natural energy forces from the earth that can also have a negative influence on our health are:

Energetic vortexes - These resemble whirlpools of energy that vary in intensity and size from several feet to several yards in diameter. They are very disruptive to our home and health in that they either absorb all the energy in the area they inhabit or they will do the opposite and adversely overenergize a place. 

Cosmotelluric channels - These resemble long energetic columns or "chimneys" that are rooted in the ground and reach up to the sky.  They either slowly zap our energy leaving us completely devitalized, sluggish and groggy during the day or they can overenergize us at night when we should be falling asleep leading either to chronic fatigue or insomnia.

Groundwater - These are underground rivers or subterranean streams that run beneath our homes.  If a bed happens to be placed over an area of groundwater, it's energy will interfere with one's natural sleep cycle causing insomnia.  It can have a very negative effect on our health by eroding our energy causing weakness, devitalization, headaches and even depression.

Geological fissures -  These are cracks within the Earth that can be found beneath our homes which release negative energy.  If a fissure happens to be located in conjunction with groundwater, the two together will cause numerous physical health problems to develop as well as interfere with our mental well-being causing irritability or hyperactivity.

It is VERY important to understand and be aware of geopathic stress and the ADVERSE EFFECT it can have on our health.  It is highly recommended to have your home checked to ensure you and your loved ones are not living in an environment that is being infiltrated by negative energy from the Earth that is causing you harm every day without your knowledge.  Depending on what type of geopathic stress is found in your home, I can help to resolve its harmful effects by either neutralizing or displacing the negative energy or showing you how to circumvent it so it will no longer cause you harm in your own home. 

It is of vital importance to know if your home is affected by negative magnetic frequencies from the Earth to help avoid chronic health issues from developing in the future, as well as for your own peace of mind in knowing that your home radiates only positive energy for you and your family.