Our body's aura is too often neglected but is such a VITAL part of our very being.  It totally surrounds our physical body and the health and maintenance of our aura greatly affects who we are ... our physical condition, our ability to fight off illness or disease, our mental processes and our emotional well-being. People will often go on a diet, do a fast, take supplements or exercise to feel better, but they never think about the need to thoroughly cleanse and re-energize their aura which equally requires our attention.

You would be amazed at all the damage that can be found hidden within each subtle body of our aura that has manifested itself over a lifetime.  Our aura is affected by all the stresses, traumas and negativities that we experience in our daily lives.  The older we get, the more we are exposed to life's adversities and so the more we accumulate all kinds of negative energy which becomes embedded in the subtle body layers of our energy field.  This negative energy can come from our own family, the workplace, people we meet, events we witness or take part in, life's tragedies or just from ruminating in our own negative thoughts and feelings.  This toxic negative energy needs to be regularly and thoroughly evacuated.

The human energy field acts like an energizing magnet. Depending on our mood and emotions, we can attract or unconsciously invite negative spirits and beings into our lives. The more intense and prolonged our negative emotions are stemming from anger, hate, jealousy, fear or depression, the more that negative entities are drawn to our dark, depressed or hostile energy.
Now, this wouldn't be a problem if we took the time to cleanse our contaminated energy fields at least once a year, the same way we remember to bathe regularly in order to wash away dirt and bacteria from our physical bodies. We don't need to be reminded to do this physical cleansing because it is an essential part of remaining clean and healthy, but we rarely think about cleaning our heavily polluted, damaged and de-energized aura simply because we cannot see it.

There are different schools of thought and interpretation of the subtle bodies, but this is how I feel and perceive them:

  • The first layer is the Etheric Subtle Body which stores all physical trauma endured.

  • The second layer is the Emotional Subtle Body which stores all our emotional traumas.

  • The third layer is the Mental Subtle Body which stores our psychological stresses.

  • The fourth layer is the Causal Subtle Body which contains our former lives' experiences and their effects and influences on us in the present.

  • The fifth layer is the Spiritual Subtle Body which stores our own spiritual beliefs about life as well as our core values and truths.

  • The sixth layer is the Divine Subtle Body which connects us with the collective mind and heart of the Creator for the benefit of all humanity.

I will be focusing on treating the six main subtle bodies that are listed below for they are the ones that have the greatest effect on our overall health and well-being. 


Each subtle body in our aura vibrates at it's own frequency, and any damage it receives will in turn negatively impact a specific area on our physical body

Simply put ... you cannot be healthy if the energies in your aura are not for we can only be as healthy as our subtle bodies are.  Most health problems begin in the aura before they slowly manifest themselves and take form in our physical body.  That is why it is SO important to clear them out of our aura first through energy cleansing before the damage becomes a reality.



The Etheric Subtle Body is the first subtle body within our aura or energy field and is in many ways a replica or duplicate of our physical body. An impending illness will usually appear first within our Etheric Subtle Body before it begins to materialize and take shape in our physical form. Slowly developing cysts in our Etheric Subtle Body can be caught early on and eliminated before they have time to manifest themselves into our physical form. Thus, the cleansing of the Etheric Subtle Body is imperative and should be performed first before any other subtle body is done.

If you find yourself getting sick often or if you are currently dealing with any kind of pain or illness, then a complete cleansing of the Etheric Subtle Body is urgently recommended. This will help to strengthen the body's natural healing processes so you can recuperate and heal more quickly and effectively.  It will also help in alleviating, improving or in some cases even eliminating symptoms, and it will help in strengthening one's ability to fight off and resist future illnesses or diseases.

Did you know...
Every time we experience something physically traumatic such as an open wound, a broken bone or other serious injury, an energetic imprint of that event becomes embedded within the very fabric of our Etheric Subtle Body.  A person will gradually heal after the incident, but the energetic impressions will always remain until they have been removed from the aura itself.

In this cleansing session, all entities, negative elements and energetic blockages contained within the Etheric Subtle Body will be removed. In addition, all holes will be patched, all fissures will be mended and any existing damage will be repaired in order to restore your Etheric Subtle Body back to it's original pristine condition.  Your Etheric Subtle Body will be then filled with Divine healing energy from a collective gathering of Higher Beings, Angels, Saints, and Ascended Masters.

Once the Etheric Subtle Body and it's corresponding chakra has been fully cleansed from all energetic impurities, the next two energetic layers, the Emotional Subtle Body and the Mental Subtle Body, can be addressed as well as their corresponding chakras.



The Emotional Subtle Body is the second subtle body within our energy field after the Etheric Subtle Body. It is where matters of the heart and all emotions are stored.  Every trauma we experience will always carry an emotional weight that becomes embedded within our Emotional Subtle Body.  If the sources of the many traumas are not removed in time, the emotional lingering pain we hold onto will gradually solidify into energetic blockages which will, in turn, lead to creating stress-related illnesses and ailments.

When we experience severe pain of an emotional nature, we do many things to try to cope:  we try to deny the pain by pretending it doesn't bother us, or we block the pain completely to forget what happened, or we simply live with the pain and suffer with it or we seek assistance through therapy.  Eventually the pain lessens, but the reality is, we simply placed a band-aid over our emotional wounds which still remain open within our Emotional Subtle Body.  Talking about our pain through therapy is a good first step in order to evacuate, but in order to heal properly, we must first heal completely within our Emotional Subtle Body.

Fully cleansing and repairing the Emotional Subtle Body is one of the best ways to ensure you do not continue to suffer so greatly, struggling and agonizing over events that are still having a hold on you, preventing you from moving on.  If traumas in the Emotional Subtle Body are not removed, they will in time become the root cause of many mysterious afflictions or illnesses affecting the physical body.



The Mental Subtle Body is the third subtle body within our energy field after the Emotional Subtle Body.  It is where matters of the mind and all thoughts are stored.  It is also the home of all of our learning experiences.  Every trauma we experience also carries a mental weight that becomes embedded within our Mental Subtle Body. This can create states of mental confusion, brain fog, anxiety, severe sadness and depression or other mental distresses.  Our judgement can become clouded and our natural ability to think and reason can become impeded.

It is highly encouraged to repair and cleanse the Mental Subtle Body to help reduce or remove ingrained psychological trauma held within our aura.  By doing so, it will prevent the psychological damage from worsening even further leading to more serious mental illnesses.  Cleansing the Mental Subtle Body can also help to slow or in some cases even halt the symptoms of some mental disorders.

Once the Etheric, Emotional and Mental Subtle Bodies have been fully cleansed of all negativity, restored and re-energized, I will then address the last three energetic layers and their corresponding chakras ... the Causal Subtle Body, the Spiritual Subtle Body and the Divine Subtle Body which will focus on a much deeper and more intense level of personal cleansing and healing. 



The Causal Subtle Body is the fourth subtle body within our energy field after the Mental Subtle Body.  It contains the foundations of our previous past lives which have an effect on our lives and health in the present day.  It is where our patterns of behavior come from and where our former life experiences are stored. 

The Causal Subtle Body houses all of our memories, personal conditioning and programming that have been formed from childhood during our present lifetime, as well as from all our previous past lives.  All of these have shaped the person we are today.  Many of the traumas we have experienced in our past lives still unknowingly affect us to this day.  Old memories from former wounds, whether physical or emotional, can slowly come to the surface after many years of being dormant and can subconsiously negatively affect our actions and thoughts in the present.

During this cleansing, many past life wounds, blockages and old programming that are still negatively affecting you will be removed, as well as any outdated agreements or vows you might have made in your former lives that have been holding you back from becoming your own true self in the present.




The Spiritual Subtle Body (also known as the Buddhic Body or Celestial Body) is the fifth subtle body within our energy field.  This body opens our soul to connecting with the higher essences of our own being.  The Spiritual Subtle Body also allows us to communicate with our Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and any other beings of Love and Light.

This subtle body is where all of our spiritual beliefs reside about life, nature, our core values and truths, but most importantly; it is the home of our life's divine purpose that is unique to each and every one of us.  The cleansing of the Spiritual Subtle Body is especially relevant for those who practice meditation and yoga.

In order to be more receptive to our inner voice and open ourselves up to receiving guidance from our Spirit Guides and our Higher Self, it is best to have the Spiritual Subtle Body fully cleansed and purified.  


The Divine Subtle Body (also known as the Atmic Body) is the sixth subtle body within our energy field that connects us with the collective mind and heart of the Creator.  This is the very body that allows each and every one of us to send out and receive the light required to create the changes we wish to manifest into the world for the greater good of all humanity.

While the former subtle bodies dealt primarily with ourselves, the Divine Subtle Body is humanitarian by nature and is all about reaching out and assisting others in order to benefit mankind as a whole.
For energy healers, especially, having this subtle body cleansed can increase the potency and effectiveness of all their healings performed.  
It is vitally important to have all negative elements and blockages removed from the Divine Subtle Body and to have it cleansed and purified if we are to truly shine our light upon the world and make a genuine contribution within other people's lives.  


Chakras are small energy vortexes situated in strategic areas of our body that help in regulating the vital functions to which they are associated (such as at the throat and heart, for example). There are seven major chakras (or primary chakras) within our body that are vertically aligned beginning at the base of our spine and ascending towards the top of our head. There are also other chakras that exist beyond and below the physical body that I will address as well. These other chakras (called secondary chakras) are also related to our subtle bodies and all need to be in optimal condition (open, rotating correctly and free of all energetic blockages) in order for the physical body to function and heal properly.  I will work to cleanse and restore all chakras to put them in optimal condition and working order.