About Nicholas

Nicholas is a spiritual healer born in America and raised in France within a unique environment.  Along with the psychic gift imparted to him by the Higher Powers, he has learned and mastered the lost knowledge of his European ancestors in working with the Earth's energies.

His Vision

Nicholas has spent the majority of his youth feeling restless and ill-at-ease in many places.  Needless to say, his own experience has brought him to understand the stress and uneasiness many people feel both inside themselves and within certain places without ever knowing why they feel the way they do. After years of study of the metaphysical world and intense scrutiny of that which the naked eye cannot see, he feels he can now confidently help anyone who wishes to fully change their home's energy as well as their own. 

His Mission

As a result of Nicholas' psychic abilities allowing him to be exceptionally receptive and finely-tuned into energies, he is able to work with clients at a distance no matter where they live.  His abilities have allowed him to channel and communicate with beautiful angelic beings of Love and Light that are always around to assist and guide him whenever he performs his personal sessions which greatly enhances the potency of the cleansing. 


With this wonderful gift that has been given to him through the Higher Powers and passed on through his ancestry, he wants nothing more than to try to help people live better, healthier and happier lives through aura cleansing and home clearing.