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Why It's Important To Have
It Cleansed 


All of us possess an aura created from the energetic vibrations that we emit forming an electromagnetic field of colored lights around us.


Our aura is composed of many layers referred to as subtle bodies. Each subtle body, and any problems therein, are a reflection of our state of being -- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All of our subtle bodies interact with one another and directly influence the level of our health. 

A healthy person will emit a bright far-reaching aura, whereas someone in poor health will radiate a dull and smaller aura.

Our aura is a storehouse for all the negative and positive energies that we have encountered throughout life from our experiences and emotions.  Too much negative energy can accumulate over the years and eventually cause imbalances and disturbances within our aura.  This negative overload will adversely affect all facets of our health if is not cleared out. 


Physically, an imbalance will make us feel chronically weak and tired making us more prone to sickness and diseases.  It will also inhibit our bodies from fighting illnesses effectively as well as hindering our body's natural healing capabilities, making recovery longer.  Mentally, we will begin to feel as if a fog is surrounding our mind clouding our judgment and inhibiting our clear rational thought processes.  Emotionally, we will feel drained and easily succumb to anger, depression or irrational fears and thoughts.  Spiritually, it will greatly weaken our connection to the Divine thus limiting us from realizing our true potential for creating and manifesting the life we desire by keeping us in a state of constant negativity.

The importance of having our aura cleansed
Our subtle bodies can become:​​
  • infected by all forms of negative energies that can develop into energetic cysts which will become precursors to chronic disease, most notably cancer

  • infiltrated by negative entities that act as parasites on our aura weakening our body and mind making us more susceptible to sickness and mental illness

  • filled with blockages preventing proper energy flow throughout our aura, thus slowing down healing and recovery time in the physical body as well as being a major factor in mental depression

  • severely damaged and deformed with fissures and holes slowly leaking our energy and vitality leading to chronic fatigue and general weakness

  • cloudy, dull and sluggish slowing down our body's natural functions and preventing us from feeling at our best


The cleansing of the subtle bodies within our aura will directly benefit the state of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  No one can expect to feel well if their aura is blocked, damaged and polluted by toxic negative energy.  Many illnesses and diseases will often take root in our aura first before manifesting themselves and taking form in our physical body.

My name is Nicholas. I am a dowser and clairsentient spiritual healer who specializes in fully cleansing the human aura of all negative energy and dark elements.  I work through channeling the assistance and guidance of Divine Angels.

I can efficiently clear a person's aura no matter where they are located as long as I am provided with a picture and full name of the individual, their date of birth and the name of the city/state or country they reside in.  All of these essential elements are energetically linked to the specific person who will be receiving the cleansing which makes my working from a distance possible.

An aura cleansing session will entirely cleanse the subtle bodies in your energy field by:

  • Removing all energetic cysts before they can manifest and take form in the physical body

  • Removing all energetic blockages impeding the healthy flow of energy

  • Repairing all deformations, holes and fissures causing energy leakages

  • Removing all parasitic metaphysical entities and elements

  • I will also cleanse and restore all chakras back to optimal condition (open, rotating correctly and free of all energetic blockages)


Benefits of aura energy cleansing

A cleansing can help to:

  • alleviate symptoms of many illnesses

  • reduce pain

  • aid the body in healing more quickly and efficiently

  • prevent certain diseases from ever taking root

  • help the body's immune system stay strong

  • improve vitality and overall feeling of well-being

When our energy field is clear and unburdened, we feel lighter, more calm and at peace. We also find we have more strength, energy and the resilience required to deal with difficulties as they arise in a rational and clear-thinking manner. A cleansing session will restore the aura's energetic balance and greatly raise the positive energetic frequencies that our body emits so that we automatically attract more positive people and  occurrences in our lives. 


An aura cleansing is a simple but vital alternative health treatment, often overlooked as a complement to conventional medicine, in combating the many ailments that affect us and also as a preventative measure in staying proactive in our health.

Aura Cleansing Sessions

  • You will receive 5 cleansing sessions over a 10-day period to fully and efficiently cleanse all subtle bodies  within your aura.   
  • The cost is $250.
  • Once my work is completed, you will receive a detailed report explaining everything that has been found, removed and repaired for you within your aura during the cleansing sessions. 
  • You will also be receiving by postal mail a small blessed medallion of the Virgin Mary with a powerful cleansing prayer included for you to use periodically after your sessions are completed. The medallion and prayer will help in keeping your aura free of negative parasitic elements and in protecting you against future energetic threats.
  • These sessions are beneficial, safe and non-invasive.
Aura cleansing sessions are highly recommended especially if you are currently sick fighting an illness or disease or just not feeling well emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

A weakened and damaged aura that is emitting a low energetic frequency will not allow a person to fight an illness effectively and will only hinder the body's natural healing processes making the recovery longer.
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