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Cleanse Your Aura of Bad Energy That is Directly Affecting Your Physical Body

No one can feel well if their energy field or aura is blocked and impeded with bad energy.

A polluted and damaged aura, where energy cannot circulate freely due to obstructions or holes for examplewill emit a very low energetic frequency causing us to feel more fatigued and weak, making us more prone to sickness.  It also inhibits our body from fighting illnesses effectively and hinders the body's natural healing processes, making recovery longer.

Many illnesses and diseases often take root in the aura first before manifesting themselves and taking form in the physical body.

The importance of having the aura cleansed
The condition of the 6 main subtle bodies within your aura have a direct affect on your physical and mental state. 
These subtle bodies can become:​​
  • infected by all forms of negative energies that can (1) develop into energetic cysts that are precursors to disease or (2) weaken the body and mind making you more prone to illness or behavioral changes

  • filled with blockages preventing proper energy flow throughout your aura, thus slowing down healing and recovery time as well as contributing to depression

  • severely damaged and deformed with fissures and holes that slowly leak your energy and vitality leading to chronic fatigue and weakness

  • cloudy, dull and sluggish slowing down your body's natural functions and not allowing you to feel at your best

  An aura cleansing session will entirely cleanse all six main subtle bodies in your energy field by:

  • Removing all energetic cysts

  • Removing all energetic blockages 

  • Repairing all deformations, holes and fissures

  • Removing all negative metaphysical entities and elements

  • Filling your aura with Divine restorative energy


Benefits of energy cleansing

Aura energy cleansing can help to:

  • alleviate symptoms of many illnesses

  • reduce pain

  • aid the body in healing more quickly and efficiently

  • prevent certain diseases from ever taking root

  • help the body stay strong against future illnesses

  • improve vitality and overall feeling of well-being

This simple but vital alternative health care is often overlooked as a complement to conventional medicine in combating the many ailments that affect us and as a preventative measure in staying proactive in our health.

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  • You will receive 5 cleansing sessions over a 10-day period  These sessions are as unique as they are potent and will address all underlying issues found within your aura.
  • The cost is a one-time fee of $250. 
  • Once my work is completed, you will receive a detailed report explaining what has been found, removed and repaired for you during the cleansing sessions. 
  • These cleansing sessions are highly recommended especially if you are currently sick fighting an illness or disease.  A weakened and damaged aura that is emitting a low energetic frequency will not allow a person to fight an illness effectively and will only hinder the body's natural healing processes making recovery longer.
  • These sessions are non-invasive and can only be beneficial.

Contact Nicholas for a Free Consultation

I always remain very meticulous, honest and thorough in my work, as well as ensuring client confidentiality


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Some Words of Appreciation


'' I have suffered from CFS/ME for thirty years and was awake only five to six hours a day. I have tried every type of medicine and nothing worked. This year my body was shutting down and then I found this website. First did the house healing, and I could tell a difference and then I did the body healing. Finally I am getting so much better. The first week I got rid of a horrible earache, an even worse sinus problem and problems with inflammation in my brain. I am getting stronger every week and am so thankful for this healing and a chance to finally live my life.''   - Frances, USA


"My husband seems so much more appreciative and is much nicer to me now than he was before!  He is a different man now who doesn't seem to get so angry or depressed as often as he used to."   - Jamie, UK


"Ever since you've worked on my energy field, I now feel a sensation of lightness as if a heavy burden has been lifted 

 off  of me.  I feel like I can finally move forward.  I feel great!"   - Sarah, USA


 '"I had spent so many years on countless treatments and remedies with no success at all before finally asking for your help.  The chronic  pain in my stomach is finally going away.'   - Francis, USA


'"I have had Crohn's disease for over a decade now.  I used to be an avid jogger, but the disease caused inflammation in my joints.  After about a month of receiving your help, the pain and stiffness lessened,  and I was able to start jogging again ."  - Jackie, France

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