Our early ancestors were well aware of the influence of the Earth's powerful magnetic grids on their health and that some areas of land could be highly toxic.  They would carefully observe where animals chose to dwell and did not build on any area where animals were avoiding.  Nowadays, houses are being built everywhere oblivious to the fact that some areas are exuding highly toxic negative magnetic energy for human beings.

Ancient civilizations mastered the technique of interacting with the Earth's magnetic grids. The Romans were very astute in building roads on positive grid lines in order to vitalize their citizens and soldiers walking upon them. On the contrary, they were careful not to have their living quarters and sleeping areas occupying areas where negative grid lines existed or intersected.

These techniques were also utilized and mastered by the cathedral builders in Europe during the Middle Ages.  Cathedrals were built ONLY on land that contained highly positive energizing lines.  This knowledge of strategically placing buildings based on the Earth's positive and negative grid lines was still continually being employed in rural territories in Europe (especially in France) up to the beginning of the 20th century.

The image below illustrates how this ancient knowledge was being utilized in the construction of farm buildings in rural France around 1800.  The farmers understood that the Earth's magnetic grids had a major beneficial or adverse effect on their health and on their animals, so they were very attentive in the placement of their homes and barns making sure to especially avoid toxic hotspots where any negative grid lines intersected.
The 3 main buildings in the image (A, B and C) that were inhabited by people or livestock were purposely built along positive grid lines (shown in green). The two encircled areas showing the intersection of two positive grid lines were especially highly positive and energizing spots.

The intersection of two negative grid lines (shown in red in the middle of the courtyard) is an extremely toxic spot to live on for humans, animals or trees. This intersection is located outside away from habitable buildings for a reason!  This is NOT a coincidence, as our ancestors knew all too well about the extreme toxicity of these dangerous hotspots, but, unfortunately today, this type of invaluable knowledge seems to be lost or forgotten.
Maison final.png

The Impact Of These Dangerous Negative Grid Lines On Trees

This picture was taken in a beautiful park in Virginia. This particular tree I noticed looked like it was trying to avoid something by growing sideways at a 45° angle, instead of reaching straight up to the sky.  It's not as if there was a huge tree blocking its sunlight so that it needed to lean so far to one side to get any sun.  That was not the case here at all!

Actually, the real reason I soon discovered was that there was a toxic Grand Diagonal grid line passing right next to it on the other side!  So this tree had only one option to avoid the deadly negative magnetic frequencies by growing toward the opposite direction in order to thrive and survive.

But the worse part is that this highly toxic negative grid line continues its way right through the town, and chances are high that it crosses through many homes and establishments.

The two pictures below were taken in a different park, but the trees were all growing on the EXACT SAME strip of land. The trees pictured in the first image were healthy and growing normally.  On the other hand, the tree shown in the adjacent image had been planted precisely on one of the most toxic negative lines, the Grand Diagonal.  Bear in mind, that all these trees are exactly the same type of tree, so what could have caused the one tree to grow so abnormally?  It's obvious that this dangerous grid line had disturbed the tree's natural growth and caused branches to grow erratically at the base of its trunk.

If the effects of a powerful negative magnetic grid line crossing through a tree can cause it to deform with abnormal growth, or in some cases even die, then JUST IMAGINE what kind of harmful effects and consequences that years of exposure from sleeping on such a toxic grid line can have on your OWN body over time!  
It is most important that negative grid lines and dangerous hot spots are found and accurately located in your home to make sure they are not directly crossing through any areas of sleep.  Be aware that you cannot continue sleeping on a very negative magnetic grid line in the path of radiation and expect to feel well and remain in good health.  Getting sick is inevitable as your body slowly and continually gets weakened as long as it is bombarded by negative energetic frequencies.  This prolonged harmful exposure will eventually cause serious illness and major diseases to develop by triggering abnormal cell activity to occur in the affected area.


Did you know .... prehistoric monuments such as menhirs, dolmens and cromlechs were strategically placed upon highly positive magnetic grid lines or intersections about 6000 years ago?  What did Stone Age Men already comprehend back then?