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Cleanse Your Aura Of ALL  Negative Elements That Are Contributing to Your Sickness

Blue Smoke


  • You will be receiving 5 healing sessions over a 10-day period.  These sessions are as unique as they are potent and will address all underlying issues within your aura. 
  • Once my work is completed, you will be receiving a detailed report explaining what has been found, removed and repaired for you during the cleansing and healing sessions. 
  • These healing sessions are highly recommended especially if you are currently sick and fighting an illness or disease.  A weakened and damaged aura that is emitting a low energetic frequency will not allow a person to fight an illness effectively and will only hinder the body's natural healing processes.
  • These sessions are non-invasive and can only bring a positive effect into your life.
Blue Smoke

What I will do during an Aura Cleansing Healing Session

  • Cleanse All Six Subtle Bodies ​

  • Remove All Energetic Cysts within your Energy Field

  • Remove All Energetic Blockages 

  • Repair All Deformations, Holes & Fissures in Your Aura

  • Remove all Negative Metaphysical Entities & Elements

  • Fill Your Aura With Divine Restorative Energy

Our body is a complex vessel of intelligence that is more than just a physical form. 

It is surrounded by several layers of subtle bodies that make up our energy field or aura. 

Our body's aura is often neglected as people are not aware of the importance it has on our health and wellness.  The aura totally surrounds our physical body and greatly affects the state of our physical condition, our mental and emotional processes and our ability to fight off illness and disease.  Over the years, our aura becomes damaged and polluted, and the positive energy frequencies we emit become very low.  

Health care professionals do well in treating the physical body, but they do not treat or acknowledge the subtle bodies which are equally important as they are all interconnected.  Many health problems will take root in our subtle bodies first before slowly manifesting themselves and taking form in our physical body.

The image below shows a clear, bright, healthy and unencumbered aura vibrating with positive energy as it should be ... which is not the case for the overwhelming majority of people.  

Blue Smoke
The subtle bodies within your aura that directly affect your physical and mental state can become:​​
  • infected by all forms of negative energies that can either develop into energetic cysts that are  precursors to disease or they can drain your vitality weakening the body and mind, making you more prone to illness or behavioral changes

  • filled with blockages preventing proper energy flow throughout your aura making you feel weighed down, depressed, stagnating and unwell

  • severely damaged and deformed with fissures and holes that slowly leak energy contributing to your feelings of tiredness and exhaustion

  • cloudy, dull and sluggish slowing down your body's functions and not allowing you to be at your best

We rarely think about cleansing our aura simply because we cannot see it or are aware of it's existance.  

​If all of these negative energies are not thoroughly removed and damages repaired, they will ultimately  affect the proper circulation of energy throughout our aura triggering a negative impact on our physical and mental health.  Our immune system will start to weaken making our body more susceptible to developing the beginning of other illnesses, as well as greatly hindering our body's natural healing processes in fighting off any current sicknesses.   

Blue Smoke

I will be focusing on treating the six main subtle bodies of the aura but will place major emphasis on the first three (Etheric, Emotional and Mental) for they are the ones that have the greatest impact on our overall health and well-being. (Please click on The Subtle Bodies to learn more.)

1. THE ETHERIC SUBTLE BODY is the first subtle body within our aura and is in many ways a replica or duplicate of our physical body.  Multiple energy cysts of various sizes are often found within this subtle body, and curiously, I have found that a person who has cancer will also have an enormous energetic cyst acting like the root or source of the disease.  All those energetic cysts need to be removed.

2. THE EMOTIONAL SUBTLE BODY is the second subtle body within our energy field.  It is where matters of the heart and all emotions are stored.  Every trauma we experience will always carry an emotional weight that becomes embedded within our Emotional Subtle Body.  If the sources of the many traumas are not removed in time, the emotional lingering pain we hold onto will gradually solidify into energetic blockages within that subtle body.

3. THE MENTAL SUBTLE BODY is the third subtle body within our aura.  It is where matters of the mind and all thoughts are stored.  It is also the home of all of our learning experiences.  Every trauma we experience also carries a mental weight that becomes embedded within our Mental Subtle Body.  This can create states of mental confusion, brain fog, anxiety, severe sadness and depression or other mental distresses. Trauma held within our Mental Subtle Body needs to be evacuated.

 Many illnesses can be prevented from taking root

by simply having our subtle bodies cleansed.

You would be amazed at all the damage that can be found hidden within each subtle body of our aura that has manifested itself over a lifetime.  Our aura is directly affected by all the stresses, traumas and negativities that we experience in our daily lives.  The older we get, the more we are exposed to life's problems and adversities and thus, the more toxicity that will accumulate and embed within our subtle bodies. This negative energy can come from our own family, the workplace, people we meet, events we witness or take part in, life's tragedies or just from ruminating in our own negative thoughts and feelings.  This toxic negative energy needs to be thoroughly evacuated.

The human energy field also acts like a magnet.  Depending on our moods and emotions, we can  unconsciously attract other negative energies into our lives. The more intense and prolonged our negative emotions are stemming from stress, anger, hate, jealousy, fear, depression, fatigue or sickness, the more that negative frequencies are drawn to our dark, depressed, low or hostile energy. 

Pain can be alleviated and symptoms of many illnesses can be improved

or in some cases even eliminated through aura cleansing.

My services are here to be a complement to the medical treatment that those who are currently fighting an illness or disease are receiving, but who feel they could benefit from additional help. 

They are also recommended as a form of prevention against the development of illnesses and diseases that take root in the aura first before manifesting themselves in the physical body.

You cannot be healthy if the energies in your aura are not, for we can only be as healthy as our subtle bodies are.  Each subtle body in our aura vibrates at it's own frequency, and any damage it receives will in turn negatively impact a specific area on our physical body. 

That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to clear them out of our aura first through energy cleansing BEFORE the damage becomes a reality.



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