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Shingles is a painful burning rash that can last from several weeks to months usually occuring in a band across the left or right side of the torso.  Even after the rash and blisters have cleared, the burning and pain can persist even longer hampering you from being able to do your daily activities. 

Shingles should be addressed as soon as possible once symptoms appear. My energy healing sessions are non-invasive and have successfully helped to calm the burning and pain of shingles.


I have spent most of my life in France where doctors are known to refer their patients with shingles to a

reputable healer as a complementary treatment to the medical treatment they are receiving.  Shingles happens to be one of the diseases that gifted healers have more success in treating especially in helping to cope with the burn and pain.

    I can help with shingles to:

  • Stop the intense burn and pain

  • Encourage faster healing of the rash and blisters

I will be providing a series of three healing sessions (or more if needed, depending on the severity) for a one-time fee of $50.


​    In order for me to be of assistance, I just need:

  • ​The name of the person wishing to receive the healing with the location (city/state or other country) they are residing in.

  • One photo of the person wishing to receive the healing The photo is of utmost importance because it is energetically linked to the person who needs the healing and makes my working from a distance possible.  

  • The area of the body afffected by the shingles, and if possible, a photo of the affected area.

'' I have been suffering from shingles for over three months now and after your intervention, the awful burning pain finally left. I felt so much better I was finally able to wash the entire floor in my house. Thank you! "  - Claire, USA

"The burning pain I had experienced with shingles was debilitating and made it hard for me to concentrate on other things.  Sometimes, all I could do was just sit motionless in a chair feeling paralyzed with the burn.  After Nicholas' healing sessions, the burn and pain finally subsided, and I was able to move around again and get back to my life".  - George, USA

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