Important facts you need to be aware of:

Just because you cannot see something ... does not mean it doesn't exist.

The human energy field or aura is composed of many energetic layers called subtle bodies that surround our physical body.

This image below depicts a clear, bright healthy aura vibrating with positive energy as it should be.

Over the years, though, our energy field or aura can get extremely cloudy, polluted and sluggish, deformed, decentered, fissured and pierced which will profoundly affect the proper circulation of our energy and negatively impact our health in many ways.

Your Aura Can Also Become Parasitized By Dark Paranormal Forces  - - - What You Should Know

In all of my years of experience, I have never seen anyone who was not affected by some form of dark paranormal force. This is because dark forces can be found everywhere around us but are especially drawn to us when our energetic frequencies are very low.  The more angry, depressed, stressed, tired or sick we are, the more we invite them into our lives.  These dark forces will always emit negative energetic  frequencies which will slowly and continually weaken us as well as hinder our body's natural healing processes.  Not only do these negative forces affect our physical body, but they also affect all of the many energy layers, or subtle bodies, that make up our human aura.


How Dark Forces And Other Toxic Energies Can Affect You

Your physical body and all subtle bodies within your aura can become:​

  • Infected by all forms of negative entities and spirits that drain your vitality, weakening the body and mind, making you more prone to illness, as well as causing changes in behavior

  • Infected by dark magic (curses and spells) that manipulate and control your mind, impeding your thoughts and judgement

  • Filled with blockages preventing proper energy flow throughout the body making you feel weighed down, stagnating and unwell

  • Severely damaged and deformed with fissures and holes in your aura that slowly leak energy leaving you tired and exhausted

  • Cloudy, dull, heavily polluted and sluggish slowing down your body's functions and not allowing you to be at your best

If all of these highly toxic dark and negative energies affecting us are not thoroughly removed, they will begin over time to make us sick, first acutely and then chronically, on all levels of our being. 





  • Remove any negative spirits and malevolent entities attached onto you

  • Remove any spells or curses that have been placed upon you

  • Cleanse your entire energy field of all blockages and hardened negative memories of the past

  • Repair all holes, cracks and deformations in your aura

  • Fill your aura with restorative energy

  • Send you a detailed report explaining what damage was found and what was done to resolve it

It usually takes 4 to 6 sessions done over a week's time to thoroughly remove all of the negative elements and fully cleanse a person's entire energy field.  For this, there is only a one-time fee of $150.

I am always surrounded and assisted by beautiful angelic beings of Love and Light whenever I perform my personal sessions which greatly enhances the potency of the cleansing and healing received.  As a result, you will be able to receive and absorb the full extent of their many benefits and blessings. This grants people the unique opportunity to genuinely come into contact with the Higher Power leading to a much more intense cleansing and restorative session.

The cleansing experience I am offering is unique and highly beneficial.  Once the initial cleansing session has been completed, I will be performing maintenance checks once a month for a full year to make sure your aura remains bright, clear and unobstructed. 

If you are currently fighting an illness or disease, it's important to have your energy field thoroughly cleansed and to have any dark paranormal forces removed.



Frances Krueger, Milwaukee WI USA


'' I have suffered from CFS/ME for thirty years and was awake only five to six hours a day. I have tried every type of medicine and nothing worked. This year my body was shutting down and then I found this website. First did the house healing, and I could tell a difference and then I did the body healing. Finally I am getting so much better. The first week I got rid of a horrible earache, an even worse sinus problem and problems with inflammation in my brain. I am getting stronger every week and am so thankful for this healing and a chance to finally live my life.''

Testimonial received on 08/31/2022 

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