Our House And Land Play a Critical Role In our Health and Wellness

That's right ... your house and the land it has been built on has a DIRECT influence on the quality of your health.  Why is that?  Well, some houses radiate positive energy inside which is perfect for a healthy living environment, while other houses don't because they are affected by harmful geopathic stress from the land itself. If you are living in such an unfortunate home, it can only result in highly unhealthy living conditions for those within.

If a house has been built in the direct pathway of the Earth's negative magnetic grids, the inhabitants will be unknowingly regularly and directly exposed to harmful negative energetic frequencies, which overtime will lead to chronic illness and disease.  Since the average homebuyer is not aware of the dangers of geopathic stress, it makes obtaining a healthy place to live in more like a game of Russian Roulette. 

Make no mistake, most homes in America and virtually anywhere else in the world for that matter, are commonly affected by harmful negative elements of a geopathic nature.  One of the reasons we get sick, have no energy, have trouble sleeping, among many other health issues can be due to these geopathic stresses. These negative hidden factors affect the positive vibrations in your home and, consequently, the health of everyone living there being exposed to these toxic frequencies.

Medical practitioners should be aware of the importance that geopathic stress from the home and land can have on the health of their patients.  All visits with new cancer patients should be sure to include questioning and exploring whether toxic negative energy from geopathic stress exists in their home and could it possibly be a contributing factor as an underlying cause for their disease.


Homes Can Also Be Affected By Dark Energy From Paranormal Forces

Believe it or not, most homes are unknowing hosts to entities, malevolent spirits and astral parasites as well as being afflicted by other negative elements of a paranormal nature, such as open astral portals, harmful curses and spells.  It is imperative to remove these harmful negative elements from your home.

It is also critical to wipe out all energetic memories of former occupants in your house.  This is because the negative energetic frequencies from past tragedies that have occurred there such as deaths, divorces or abuse still linger within the walls of the house and can have a negative influence on those living within.

Keeping these dark forces or negative energetic memories in your home will only invite health issues and bring misery or misfortune into your lives.


What a Clearing Session Will do for Your Home

  • Displace, neutralize or circumvent any geopathic stress found in your home

  • Remove any negative spirits and malevolent entities inside your home

  • Remove any spells or curses placed upon your home

  • Remove all lingering memories from past occupants found in your home

  • Close any open astral portals in your home 

  • Offer a protection and blessing of your home with the assistance of archangels and divine beings

  • Send you a detailed report of what has been found and resolved In your home

Every single home on Earth is affected by at least one or more harmful negative elements of a geopathic or paranormal nature. These negative and unseen factors affect the health of everyone living there. 


MY GOAL is to make your home and living environment as healthy and energetically positive as possible.

The energy clearing of your home is especially recommended if anyone has been sick or fighting a chronic illness in your home.