Our House Plays a Crucial Role in The State of our Health

One of the oldest references we have correlating the irrefutable connection between the state of our health and the place we live in is from Hippocrates himself, the Father of Modern Medicine, in 430 BC. In his book, On Airs, Waters and Places, Hippocrates emphasized that the land our homes are built on, and thus our home itself, can exude a very negative and dangerous influence on our health. These negative effects can show up slowly in the form of unexplained pains, fatigue, weakness, migraines and insomnia to name just a few, which will eventually lead to more chronic health problems, including the development of serious tumors if the cause is not found and resolved.


Lost Knowledge

Early civilizations intuitively knew that not all areas of land were life-sustaining and thus suitable to build on. By attentively observing the daily habits of their livestock, they were careful not to build on any land the animals were avoiding. The livestock could sense which areas of land were emanating toxic negative energy from deep inside the Earth (now known as “geopathic stress”).  This negative energy arose from distorted electromagnetic energy fields stemming from the Earth's magnetic grids, energetic vortexes, cosmotelluric channels, geological fissures and underground currents.
Our European ancestors would later rely on dowsers who were able to detect areas of land that were emanating only highly positive frequencies from the Earth which would serve as ideal locations for a cathedral or home.

Hence, all cathedrals, churches, castles and family homes built in France before the early 20th century have been built strategically on the Earth's positive energetic lines thus avoiding any harmful health effects of geopathic stress.
If you are currently sick and do not know why, then it is very important
to read and consider the following:
This image below illustrates an example of how this ancient knowledge was utilized in the construction of farm buildings in rural France in the 1800's. 
This farm was built on four positive Level 2 Curry magnetic grid lines I have illustrated in green. This was not just a coincidence.  Buildings A, B, & C housed people and animals, so the whole length of those buildings were built right on those positive lines.  Though it may have been more esthetically pleasing if Building C was built completely parallel to Building A, this would have removed it completely off of the energizing effects of being right on a positive Curry grid line, so the building was built askew in order to follow the Earth's grid line.  Building D housed only farm equipment so it was not necessary to build it on a positive line.  Where the negative Curry grid lines, which I have illustrated in red, passed through each building, the builders had made sure to put a wall there within the buildings so the negative line follows the wall and does not interfere with any room.
Maison final.png

The green positive lines were VITALIZING and life-sustaining so suitable for living areas.

The intersection of 2 green lines = EXTRA VITALIZING but not suitable for a bedroom or sleeping area

Red negative lines were DEVITALIZING so were suitable only for the walls or buildings storing equipment.


It is highly probable back then, that most of these farmers were uneducated but they were very much in tune with nature and highly receptive to the natural forces of the Earth than we are now. They were well aware of the dangers of the natural radiations emanating from our Earth.

If our brains, lungs, digestive system or sexual organs are in the direct pathway of a negative magnetic grid while sleeping, it can lead over time to insomnia, migraines, respiratory problems, tumors, infertility and many other serious health conditions.

Nowadays, homes are being built everywhere with no thought to the health dangers that can arise from geopathic stress. As a consequence, this makes obtaining a healthy place to live in more like a game of Russian Roulette for the average home buyer.

Magnetic grids are clearly not an invention of my own, but are facts scientifically proven .... Read More.

Negative Law of Attraction

There is another serious consequence of geopathic stress besides the harmful affects it can have on our health. The negative nature and low energetic frequency in our house caused by geopathic stress from our land will in kind attract other negative elements of a dark paranormal nature and draw them into your home.  I know this is very hard to believe for a lot of people, except for those with heightened sensitivities, but most homes are hosts to entities and malevolent spirits as well as being afflicted by other negative metaphysical elements like open astral portals.

Witchcraft comprised of curses and spells may seem like something only out of a fairy tale, but unfortunately, it does exist whether you choose to believe it or not. I find that a lot of homes are indeed affected by some form of witchcraft which brings extremely negative frequencies into the home.

These paranormal elements and entities need to be removed as soon as possible as they will bring nothing beneficial to you or your environment. They will only cause you harm in the form of physical illness, weakness, mental depression or agitation and a feeling like nothing right is ever going on in your life.


What is the Energetic Frequency of Your Home?

Is your home and land emitting positive or negative energetic frequencies into your and your family's life?

Every single home in the United States is affected by at least one or more harmful negative elements of a geopathic or paranormal nature (I am still waiting to be proven wrong). These negative and unseen factors will affect the health of everyone living there.


Most homes in the United States that I have worked on, are initially vibrating with less than 40% positive energetic frequency. Healthwise, this doesn't make them ideal places to live in especially if you are already suffering from some form of illness. After I work on the house, I find the positive energetic frequency has risen to above 90%.


Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You find that you sleep better anywhere else in the house BUT in your own bed

  • You have been experiencing chronic insomnia or are continually having bad dreams

  • You find yourself suffering from unexplained sadness, depression, anxiety or agitation

  • You always feel tired, never at your best

  • You have had infertility problems or have suffered miscarriages

  • You hear unexplained noises in the house or feel as if you are being watched

  • You feel like bad things are always happening to you

  • You are having trouble selling your home


What a  Cleansing Session Will do for your Home 

  • Neutralize, displace or circumvent any geopathic stress found in your home

  • Completely remove any negative spirits and malevolent entities found inside your home

  • Completely remove any spells or curses placed upon your home

  • Remove all lingering memories from past occupants found in your home

  • Close any open astral portals within your home 

  • Offer a protection and blessing on your home with the assistance of archangels and divine beings

  • Send you a complete detailed report of what has been found and resolved in your home

  • After a clearing session, the positive energetic frequency of a place will rise to 90% or higher.

Depending on the size of the house and the complexity of the problems found within, it can take anywhere from 5 to 7 hours to fully detect, cleanse and re-energize the atmosphere in the home and compile the detailed report.  I always remain very meticulous, dedicated and thorough in my work.

The energetic clearing work I perform on houses is referred to as « Géobiologie ».  This is a French term meaning the harmonization of the energy within a place according to the Earth's geomagnetic field along with the mastery and understanding of ancient world knowledge and intuitive perception. This forgotten knowledge is, unfortunately, not very well known in the United States, but has been practiced in Europe since the Roman Empire, and was especially applied in France where I have been raised.

For more detailed interesting information regarding magnetic grids, geopathic stress, health issues and more, please visit the « MORE INFO » section in the links above.

The energy clearing of your home is especially emphasized and recommended if anyone is currently sick or fighting a chronic illness in your home.  This is because a house that emits a low energetic frequency will not allow a person to fight an illness and will only weaken the immune system even more.



'' I wanted to thank you for your intervention on my home. I now sleep peacefully without waking up at 4am which has not happened in a very long time and the pain in my back and side has also gone away. My husband who is diabetic also no longer gets up every hour, and he is very grateful for all your help.''


Caroline, USA

Testimonial received on 07/02/2022 after performing a home clearing.