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What is clairsentience?
My clairsentient abilities have allowed me to channel and communicate with Higher Beings such as Saints, Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. I am always directly connected to the Higher Angelic Realms of Spirit and always in touch with the natural energies of the Earth.

Clairsentience is the innate ability to sense things and receive information by an inner feeling that is more than just intuition. For me, it revolves around feeling and connecting with the Earth's natural energetic vibrations as well as the paranormal frequencies that are around us. This allows me to feel and perceive the many energetic subtleties that exist within and beyond our physical world. This could be feeling the presence of entities and spirits attached onto a person or in a room, or it could be sensing and perceiving energetic blockages or other negative elements within a person's aura that need to be removed.

I am equally adept at clearing negative energetic elements and entities from a home and creating a harmonizing energetic atmosphere within by raising the positive vibrations inside the house.  Beautiful angelic beings of Love and Light are always around to assist and guide me whenever I perform my personal sessions which greatly enhances the potency of the cleansing. 

Being highly sensitive since birth, I have spent the majority of my youth feeling restless and ill-at-ease in many places. Needless to say, my own experience has brought me to understand the stress and uneasiness many people feel both inside themselves and within certain places without ever knowing why they feel the way they do. After years of study of the metaphysical world and intense scrutiny of that which the naked eye cannot see, I feel I can now confidently help anyone who wishes to fully change their home's energy as well as their own.


Because I am highly sensitive and finely-tuned into energies, I am able to work with clients at a distance no matter where they are.


With this beautiful gift of clairsentience that has been given to me through the higher powers and passed on through my ancestry, I want nothing more than to try to help as many people as I can to live better, healthier and happier lives. 


Please know that my client's health, well-being and confidentiality will always be my number one priority.


I look forward to being of service and helping to bring positive energy back
into your life and an energetically healthier living atmosphere back into your home.

Thinking Man on Couch

No one can ever truly be healthy if their energy field is not.

An aura energy cleansing can help to:

  • alleviate and improve symptoms of many illnesses

  • prevent certain diseases from taking root

  • keep the body strong to fight off illnesses

  • aid the body in healing more quicklly and efficiently


This simple but crucial step is almost always overlooked when it comes to treating the many ailments that affect us.


Read more about what makes these healing sessions unlike any other and why they are so beneficial.

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