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Shingles Pain - Burns - Aura Cleansing 
 Energy Clearing & Blessing


If you are currently in pain with shingles, please visit my services page to learn more about how I can help you.




If you are suffering from a painful burn injury where the fiery pain is just unbearable, please visit my services page to learn more about how I can help you.

Blue Smoke


No one can ever really feel healthy if their energy field is blocked and polluted.

Aura energy cleansing will help to:

  • alleviate and improve symptoms of many illnesses

  • reduce pain

  • aid the body in healing more quickly and efficiently

  • prevent certain diseases from ever taking root

  • help the body stay strong against future illnesses

  • improve vitality and overall feeling of well-being


This simple but crucial measure is often overlooked as a complement to conventional medicine in combating the many ailments that affect us.

Aura cleansing sessions are needed by everyone at least once a year just like a checkup is to make sure everything is normal and your energy is flowing smoothly, but they are especially recommended for those who are currently sick with an illness or disease.  A cleansing of the aura or the subtle bodies that make up our body's energy field is often overlooked as an aid in helping our bodies to heal more quickly and efficiently.  A polluted and damaged aura where energy is blocked will emit a very low energetic frequency, thus preventing the body from fighting an illness effectively and hindering the body's natural healing processes making recovery longer.  All chakras (small energy vortexes) within the body also need to be in optimal condition (open, rotating correctly and free of all energetic blockages) in order for the physical body to function and heal properly.  There are seven major chakras (or primary chakras) within our body that are vertically aligned beginning at the base of our spine and ascending towards the top of our head.  There are also secondary chakras that exist beyond and below the physical body that I will address as well. 


My non-invasive aura cleansing services are here to be a complement to the medical treatment that those who are currently fighting an illness or disease are receiving, but who feel they could benefit from additional help.  My services are also recommended as a form of wellness and preventive care against the development of illnesses and diseases that take root in the aura first before manifesting themselves and taking form in the physical body.

Blue Smoke


It is vitally important that the energetic vibration in your home is positive as it will affect the health of everyone living within.


A home energy clearing will:

  • locate all areas of toxic energy in the house arising from geopathic stress or of a paranormal nature

  • neutralize, displace, circumvent or eliminate all negative energies according to the type found

  • prevent certain diseases or other health conditions ever taking root from these causes

  • aid the body in healing more quickly and efficiently if you are already sick

  • improve overall feeling of well-being physically and mentally


Most homes in the United States that I have worked on, are initially vibrating with less than 40% of positive energetic frequencies which is very low.  A lot have had only 10% which is quite alarming. Healthwise, this doesn't make them ideal places to live in especially if you are already suffering from some form of illness or disease.   Through a house clearing, I can successfully raise the positive vibrations inside a home or apartment to 90% or more.   


I can resolve all forms of negative energy emitted from geopathic stress or those of a paranormal nature. 

House clearing will create a harmonizing and healthier energetic atmosphere within and will only benefit the lives of all inhabitants.  


It is of critical importancto know if the land your house or apartment is built on is giving off negative energetic frequencies that are permeating your living space.  This toxic energy can be due to geopathic stress created from the Earth's magnetic grids, underground water veins, geological fissures, energetic vortexes or cosmo-telluric currents and can often be the root cause in the development of many illnesses and certain cancers.


If a negative magnetic grid line is passing through someone's bed in your home, it will ultimately result in chronic health problems for the person lying there who is being constantly exposed and bombarded while asleep from negative magnetic energetic frequencies.  Symptoms will come on gradually with pain, headaches, weakness and fatigue depending on the body area being aggressed.  Over time, this toxic negative energy will all too often trigger abnormal cell activity (tumors, cancer) to occur within that body part or area.  For those who are already predisposed to a specific cancer, the negative pathway crossing through that predisposed area will only accelerate the process.  One specific grid line is extremely toxic to human beings because it closes all 7 major chakras of the body.  I strongly suspect that this grid line plays a major role in strokes and in the development of certain types of cancers if found crossing through a bed, as well as in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) if it crosses through a crib.

The energy clearing of your home is especially emphasized and recommended if anyone is currently sick or fighting a chronic illness in your home.  This is because a house that emits a low energetic frequency due to toxic energy emitted from the land will not allow a person to fight an illness effectively and efficiently and will only weaken the immune system even more.  Home energy clearing will also help in avoiding many chronic health issues from developing in the future.



Aura Cleansings


'' I have suffered from CFS/ME for thirty years and was awake only five to six hours a day. I have tried every type of medicine and nothing worked. This year my body was shutting down and then I found this website. First did the house healing, and I could tell a difference and then I did the body healing. Finally I am getting so much better. The first week I got rid of a horrible earache, an even worse sinus problem and problems with inflammation in my brain. I am getting stronger every week and am so thankful for this healing and a chance to finally live my life.''   - Frances, USA


"Ever since you've worked on my energy field, I now feel a sensation of lightness as if a heavy burden has been lifted 

 off  of me.  I feel like I can finally move forward.  I feel great!"   - Sarah, USA


"My husband seems so much more appreciative and is much nicer to me now than he was before!  He is a different man now who doesn't seem to get so angry or depressed as often as he used to."   - Jamie, UK


 '"I had spent so many years on countless treatments and remedies with no success at all before finally asking for your help.  The chronic  pain in my stomach is finally going away.'   - Francis, USA


'"I have had Crohn's disease for over a decade now.  I used to be an avid jogger, but the disease caused inflammation in my joints.  After about a month of receiving your help, the pain and stiffness lessened,  and I was able to start jogging again ."  - Jackie, France

House Blessings


'' I wanted to thank you for your intervention on my home. I now sleep peacefully without waking up at 4am which has not happened in a very long time and the pain in my back and side has also gone away. My husband who is diabetic also no longer gets up every hour, and he is very grateful for all your help.''    - Caroline, USA


'' My house was on the market for over a year, and then just 2 weeks after a house cleansing was done, it finally sold!  I don't know if it is a coincidence or not, but anyway it is an amazing one!!  I cannot thank you enough!! ''  - Laura, USA


'' I was always too afraid to go down into my basement by myself ... I could feel something was there.  Whatever it was, it's gone now!  It has truly made a difference with how I feel inside my own home! ''   Jamie, USA


'' I was a little skeptical at first, but ever since your intervention,  I feel much more relaxed and well-rested thanks to a  much better sleep quality ''   - Andrew, USA

​" I used to hate being home alone in my  house.  I do not feel this way anymore, and I'm much happier now.''   

  Susan, USA


''Blessings Nicholas, and thank you.  To be surrounded by positive unconditional loving energies is a very welcome   feeling.''   - Marc, USA

Blue Smoke

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